The Freedom Quilt

“What’s this?” Maggie asked.

Nana touched the quilt she placed in Maggie’s arms.

“This quilt will lead you to freedom,” Nana said patting the quilt. “Go child. Give it to your mamma. Run.”

Maggie did as told. She ran as quietly and as fast as she could. Mamma saw her coming.

“Nana said to give this to you,” Maggie whispered.

Her mamma started to cry. Maggie didn’t know why.

“Pack your things. It’s time to go. This is our chance at finding freedom. This quilt will take us there,” her mamma said.

Maggie did as she was told and followed her mamma into the dark night. All they took with them was the colorful quilt and two small satchels.

When Maggie’s mamma stopped, and stared at the stars, Maggie did too. When her mamma said to sleep deep in the woods during the day, Maggie closed her eyes.

For four days, Maggie did exactly as told. She was scared but she trusted her mamma.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 512

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