The Galactic Rock Collectors 2: Chucky is Missing

The spaceship Blue Dragon had been stopped all morning.

“I hope they fix the ship soon,” Tony said to his new friend, Toxu. “I want to get to Planet Argon. It has Giant’s Salt, one of the coolest rocks this side of the Milky Way.”

“I heard someone say a monster snuck onto the ship and broke the engine,” Toxu said.

“There’s no such thing as monsters,” Tony said. “Let’s go eat. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria. I just have to check on Chucky.”

Toxu headed to the cafeteria.

“Uh oh,” Tony said. “That’s not good.” The door to Chucky’s cage was open.

Chucky, Tony’s pet mouse, was missing.

“I’d better find him, fast,” Tony said.

A trail of hay led from the cage out to the hallway.

Tony peeked outside his door. The hay went all the way down the hall.

Tony began to follow the trail. It led to the cafeteria.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 360
Word Count 574

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