The Galactic Rock Collectors 3: The Search for Giant’s Salt

Tony and Toxu were in the captain’s room waiting for her decision. “Well, mom? Can we go on the planet?” Tony asked.

Toxu had read all about the planet Argon. He had learned that it had big pink rocks called Giant’s Salt. If they could find one, it would be a great addition to their rock collection.

“Well, okay,” Tony’s mom said. “But the aliens on this world are really large. So stay close to the ship. Do not wander off. That’s an order.”

Tony and Toxu happily ran through the ship and out the main doors. In every direction, big hills rose around them. Right outside the ship were stores that sold everything, including rocks.

“Let’s split up to find the rocks,” said Tony.

Tony visited what felt like a hundred stores. They sold all sorts of things: space suits, ship parts, tunu stew, and even pet space slugs. “Toxu would hate these,” Tony thought. Toxu hated small animals.

But there was no Giant’s Salt.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 470
Word Count 641

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