The Islander

Maui grew up listening to his grandmother’s stories around the campfire.

She told magical tales about Kochi, the island where they lived.


The tales were about drops of sunlight striking the ocean floor and erupting into mountains.

About heroes ripping fire monsters out of the sea.

And about fishermen hooking islands and pulling them together to form island chains.


The stories made Maui feel connected to his past and to his family and friends sitting around the fire.

But the spell from the stories always wore off the next morning. Maui did not fit in with the other islanders. His heart felt empty.

Maui did not know how to swim.


“You’re not a true islander like us,” the children would tease.

They spent their days swimming on the beach, paddling under waterfalls, and helping fishermen bring in their daily catch.

But Maui spent his time exploring the small island instead of the waters around it.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 660
Word Count 553

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