The Legend of Nian

In China, long ago, there lived an evil demon. He was called Nian.

Nian had the jaws of a lion. He had the scales of a snake and razor-sharp claws.

All people feared him.

Once each year, Nian would come down from the mountains and attack the small towns.

The people would hide in the homes as Nian ate their crops and animals.

One year, an old man walked into one of the towns. He wore a red robe and carried two large sacks. He was looking for a place to rest.

He knocked on all the doors. No one would let him in.

Finally, he came to one small house. A boy named Fu opened the door.

“If you let me stay,” said the old man, “I will make sure Nian never attacks you again.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 350
Word Count 449

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