The Leprechaun Chase

Caitlin, Megan, and Brandon were playing in the park on St. Patrick's Day.

They were talking about what they like to do on this holiday. “It’s all about pinching your friends who don’t wear green,” Megan said.

“Yeah!” Caitlin agreed. “That’s what I do. But, I always pinch lightly so it doesn’t hurt!”

Suddenly, Caitlin saw something or someone zoom by. It looked like it was wearing a little green hat.

“Did you see that?” she cried. “Was that a leprechaun? Maybe he’s hiding a pot of gold!”

They ran through the park and followed it down a path. Megan skidded to a stop.

“Oh no!” she cried. A snake was lying in the middle of the path.

“Get out of here, snake!” a deep voice shouted. The snake slithered away.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 489
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