The Monster Club: Mr. Funny Bones

Sally, Kenji, and Tom took their seats in class.

“Today we’re going to learn about the human skeleton,” Mr. Vargas said. “I’ve even brought in a friend for the occasion.”

Sally was excited. She loved science, and anatomy was one of her favorite subjects.

“I think Mr. Vargas bored that guy to death,” Kenji joked about the skeleton. Tom and Kenji laughed.

“Shh,” Sally said.

“No talking! Sally, Kenji, Tom, detention after class,” Mr. Vargas said.

After the other students left, Kenji, Sally, and Tom sat in detention.

“Way to go,” Sally said. She glared at Kenji.

“Oh come on, Sally,” Kenji said. “It was just a joke. I’ve got another one: Why didn’t the skeleton ask the girl to the dance? Because he didn’t have any guts!”

Sally rolled her eyes. Tom burst out laughing.

“Good one,” he said. “OK. My turn. What did the farmer call the cow that didn’t have any milk?” Tom asked with a grin.

Just then, a gust of black wind blew through the window. It swirled through the room and wrapped around the skeleton. The skeleton began to twitch and squirm.

The skeleton had come alive!

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 330
Word Count 603
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