The Monster Club: Night of the Living Pets

Sally, Kenji, and Tom walked down Eerie Avenue. Their bags were stuffed with candy.

“This is my favorite night of the year!” Sally said.

“Mine too,” Kenji said. “You never know what spooky things will happen to the Monster Club on Halloween!”

“How much candy do you think you got this year?” Sally asked.

“I'm not sure but…” Kenji stopped mid sentence. “What’s that?” he asked.

The three friends looked up and saw a glowing green shape in the distance.

The glowing figure grew closer and closer.

It was a bulldog, and it was racing right at them! “Run,” Tom cried.

“No wait,” Kenji gasped. “That’s Puddles.”

Kenji opened his arms to hug the dog. “Hey boy,” he said. The dog growled. “What’s wrong boy?”

“Didn’t Puddles get put to sleep last year?” Tom asked.

Kenji nodded. The three stared at the angry, glowing ghost. They backed away slowly.

Puddles barked angrily and lunged at Tom. Sally, Tom, and Kenji ran as fast as they could. They leapt over a fence into the safety of a backyard.

“How did Puddles come back to life?” Kenji asked.

“I don’t know,” Tom said. “But it sounds like the Monster Club has another case.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 410
Word Count 757
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