The Monster Club: The Sandman Sleepover

It was summer in Copper Pines. Sally had spent all day at the beach with her friends, Tom and Kenji. They had just got back to Sally’s house.

That night they were going to have a sleepover in the tree house.

“Don’t forget to empty the sand from your shoes!” Sally’s mother said.

“Ok Mom,” Sally groaned. She kicked off her shoes and left them on the porch.

“Let’s go to the tree house,” Sally said to her friends.

That night in the tree house the three friends laughed and read ghost stories.

“All right! Our first Monster Club sleepover. This is great,” Kenji said.

Suddenly the wind howled. The light from the lantern went out. The tree house was dark. Sally shrieked.

“It’s just the wind,” Tom said. He opened the curtain. Light from the street filtered in.

It was then that Tom noticed something strange.

“What is that?” Tom asked.

“It’s dust,” Kenji said.

“No,” Tom said. “It’s sand.” He grabbed a handful of the sand that floated in the air.

Sally, Kenji, and Tom inspected the sand in Tom’s hand.

The three friends poked their heads out the window. A thin layer of sand hung in the air over the entire town. Everything was very still.

“It’s so quiet,” Sally said. “It’s like everyone disappeared.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 350
Word Count 831
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