The Monster Club: Yikes a Yeti

It was snowboarding season. The Monster Club was at Copper Pines Ski Resort. Sally and Tom zoomed down the hill.

But Kenji couldn’t keep up. He kept crashing into the banks of snow.


“I don’t get it!” Kenji yelled. “Why can’t I keep my balance?”

“Kenji, don’t yell up here,” Tom said. “You can cause an avalanche.”

“Let’s do one more run,” Sally said. “I’ll give you some tips.”


The three friends took the ski lift to the top of the mountain.

“Okay, Kenji,” Sally said. “Now, remember. Put your weight on your heels to slow down. Ready?”

“Ready,” Kenji replied.


Kenji took off down the hill. He zoomed past the trail. He headed straight into the forest.

“Slow down, Kenji!” Sally called.

“I can’t!” Kenji called back. He lost control of his board. He fell and rolled down the mountainside. Tom and Sally went after him.


Tom and Sally stopped when they reached a huge bank of snow.

“There’s Kenji’s board,” Sally said. “But where is Kenji?”

“I’m not sure,” Tom said. “But it looks like he’s not alone.” Tom pointed to a track of large footprints.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 350
Word Count 643

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