The Secrets of Shaolin Temple

Five hundred years ago, three Chinese temples were known for their martial arts.

The Shaolin Temple was the most famous. The monks there practiced a special form of Kung Fu.

Shaolin’s leader, Tianyuan, trained the hardest. He was strong, patient, and wise.

All the other monks loved to practice with him. He made sure to teach each opponent a new skill.

Everyone in Shaolin knew he was the best.

One day, the head of the Chinese army visited Shaolin. He spoke to Tianyuan.

“Pirates are attacking China,” the general said. “I want you to lead the three temples into battle against them!”

Tianyuan agreed. “We will train here,” he said.

Brave men from the other temples traveled to Shaolin.

However, some of the monks were jealous.

“Why should the Shaolin get all the glory?” Zhi Lin said. “Our temple is just as good as Shaolin.”

The other monks agreed. “We should be leading the army,” one said.

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Lexile Score 480
Word Count 535

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