The Sword in the Stone

Flags flapped in the wind above the castle. Knights began to put on their armor.

The crowds were ready to watch the country’s bravest knights compete in fighting and horseback riding.


Arthur was helping his stepbrother, Sir Kay, get ready for the games.

“I forgot my sword!” Sir Kay said.


“I’ll go home and get it for you!” Arthur said. He wanted to see Sir Kay do well in the games.

Arthur ran down the streets through the crowds.


He reached the inn where he and Sir Kay were staying. But the door was locked! Everyone had left to watch the games.

“What will I do?” Arthur said. “Sir Kay needs a sword so he can fight.”


Arthur looked around. “There must be a sword somewhere!”

Then Arthur got an idea. He had heard about a sword that was kept nearby. People talked about it all the time. It was stuck in a stone on a hill that overlooked London.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 380
Word Count 581

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