The Wizard of Oz Part 1 Dorothy Goes to Oz

Dark clouds were in the sky. The wind blew around Uncle Henry and Aunt Em’s small farmhouse.

“Everyone into the cellar!” called Uncle Henry. “It’s a cyclone!”

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry ran to the cellar. Fighting the wind, Uncle Henry held open the cellar door.

“Hurry Dorothy,” Uncle Henry cried.

“I have to find Toto!” Dorothy yelled.

Dorothy ran into the house. Her dog, Toto, was hiding under the bed. The wind whipped around the house.

A picture fell to the floor. Books flew off the shelves. Dorothy was knocked to the ground. Her head began to spin.

Dorothy felt the home lift into the air.

Dorothy held her dog tight and walked to the window. The house was in the middle of the tornado!

Around and around it spun, faster and faster. Dorothy felt very dizzy.

“I think I should lie down,” she said. Dorothy lay on the bed and fell asleep.

A loud thump woke up Dorothy. The house had landed.

She rose from the bed and walked through the messy house. When she opened the door she was surprised by what she saw!

“Toto, I think we are very far from Kansas,” Dorothy said.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 400
Word Count 819

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