The Wolf's Doggy Day

A strong, lone wolf crawled out of his den. The sun’s first rays stretched across the sky.

As he did every morning, the wolf patrolled the boundaries of his territory. He was making sure no other animals came near his den. He also watched for rabbits and mice–his favorite meals.

In the afternoon, the sun began to drop in the sky. He rubbed against a tree to loosen the sharp burrs in his fur. He then jumped into a babbling brook to wash his copper coat.

When the sun set, the wolf was ready to relax and have fun. He raced through the trees and sped to the top of a hill to join his friends.

As the skies grew dark, he wrestled playfully with his wolf brothers. Together they chased lightning bugs. They swatted at the bright insects with their paws and the bugs scattered.

When the moon was at its brightest, the wolf threw back his head and let out a long, joyful howl.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 550
Word Count 676

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