The Wooly Coat

Shen Sheep was very sad. All of his friends had fun coats to wear.

His coat was very boring. It was plain white and made of puffy wool.

“Maybe it is time for a new coat,” he thought.


Polly Porcupine had a coat of sharp pins. Shen liked how it looked.

“Can I try on your coat, Polly?” he asked.

“Sure, Shen,” she said. He put on Polly’s coat and turned around.


“Hey! You poked me!” cried Tully Turtle.

“Oh, sorry,” said Shen. He was not used to wearing a coat of pins. Shen stepped back and bumped into a tree.

“Oh no!” Shen cried. Now he was stuck to the tree! He didn’t like Polly’s coat anymore.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 350
Word Count 463

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