Thor’s Stolen Hammer

One night, Thor, the god of thunder, lay sleeping.

While he slept, Thrym, the leader of the evil Frost Giants, snuck into his house and took Thor’s magic hammer.

When Thor found out his weapon was missing, he called for Loki.

“The Frost Giants have taken my hammer,” Thor said. “Without it, I can’t keep Earth safe from the giants. You must go and get it back.”

Loki put on the suit of a hawk and flew to the land of the Frost Giants. He flew straight to Thrym.

“I have come for Thor’s hammer,” he told Thrym.

The old giant laughed. “You cannot have it,” he said.

“You must return the hammer,” Loki insisted.

“I will give you the hammer,” Thrym said, “if the goddess Freya will marry me.”

“Fine,” Loki said. “I will be back in eight days.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 550
Word Count 493

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