Tiniest Kitten and His Doggy Disguise

One afternoon, five kittens went out to play.

“Let’s chase butterflies!” one kitten said.

“Let’s climb a tree!” said another.

They ran across the porch toward the stairs. One kitten stayed behind.

“No, no,” the kittens cried when the tiniest kitten tried to follow them. “You're too small!”

“Don’t leave the porch!” said another.

“I'll show them,” said the tiniest kitten. “I’m not too small. I WON’T stay on the porch!”

The tiniest kitten tumbled down the stairs into the yard. He chased bugs, rolled in the grass, and climbed a tree all by himself.

Soon the tiniest kitten was tired. He searched for a cool, quiet place to nap.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 460
Word Count 447
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