Zombie Elementary: Mad Science Fair

“Think, you guys!” Zack said in the science lab at Zombie Elementary. “What project should we enter into the science fair?”

Frankenturkey hopped up onto the table and did a little dance. He thought he would win them the blue ribbon for sure.

“Sorry, Frank. Our project needs to be something new,” Zack said. “What about that Dr. Jekyll guy we learned about? His potion turned normal people into monsters. We could do that!”

Ivan nodded. “If his potion turned humans into monsters, it would turn monsters like us into super monsters! Let’s go for it!”

Zack and his friends worked all afternoon while Frankenturkey watched.

They added batwing to the cauldron and the potion started to sizzle. A clump of frog legs made it smoke. Finally, they put in dragon bone. The potion turned a deep purple.

“It’s perfect!” Tina said. “We’ll win for sure!”

“Are you done in here?” Wilhelm the Werewolf and his friends entered the lab. “It’s our turn to work on our science fair project. You might as well give up. We’re going to win.”

Frankenturkey knew that Wilhelm was a bully. He crossed his wings over his chest.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 676
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