Zombie Elementary: Mind Your Mummy

“Sweet!” Ivan said as he walked into class. “We have a substitute. That means we can goof off!” Ivan rubbed his pale hands together.

“Just don’t get us into any trouble,” Zack said.

Ivan soon saw that he was wrong. A pile of artifacts was waiting on the front table. Strange symbols were written on the blackboard.

“My name is Mr. Tutankhamun,” the teacher said sternly. “Today, you are going to learn about ancient Egypt. There will be a quiz.”

“Oh, man,” Ivan said. “Come on, Mr. Tut. Just let us play some games, my main mummy!”

Mr. Tut walked up to Ivan’s desk. “No games,” he said firmly. Mr. Tut continued down the aisle.

Zack noticed a mischievous look in Ivan’s eyes. Just then, Ivan snatched the cloth woven around the teacher’s body. Mr. Tut spun out of his mummy wrappings!

“What did you do?” Zack said. “We’re so dead.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 390
Word Count 560

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