Zombie Elementary: Monster Hockey

Tina was leaving school with Zack when she heard shouting from the gym. There was a loud clack, a swish, and then a cheer.

“What’s going on in there?” she asked.

“Let’s go see,” Zack said.


A rink had been set up in the gym where some werewolf pups played hockey. A vampire was there, too. He swung back his stick and sent the puck soaring toward the net.

“Nice shot, Ivan!” Tina called.

Ivan smiled big and waved Tina over.


“This looks fun!” Tina said.

“You’re a great skater, Tina. You should give it a try!” Ivan said, handing over his stick.

Tina got ready to take a swing at the puck, but a big, furry hand clamped down on the stick.


“What do you think you’re doing?” asked the Team Captain, Fang. “This is a werewolf sport. Zombies are no good at hockey. You’re too... fragile.”

“But you let Ivan play!” Tina said.

“Vampires are fast and strong, so we made an exception,” Fang said.


“Sorry, Tina,” Ivan shrugged and took back his stick.

“Come on, Ivan,” Fang said. “We have to practice for the big game against Swamp Elementary!”

“They’re slick, those guys,” said another werewolf. “We have to be ready for any tricks they might try.”


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 560
Word Count 754

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