Zombie Elementary: The Costume Contest

It was Halloween. Zack and his friends from Zombie Elementary were going to a party.

“This is the best time of the year!” his pal Ivan said. “We’re real-life Zombies! And it’s Halloween!”

“What should we wear?” Zack asked. “Maybe I can go as a super hero!”

Ivan rolled his eyes. “Don’t you get it?” he asked. “You’re a zombie! You don’t have to dress up at all!”

“Yeah!” Tina said. “We’re in costume all day!”

The three friends got to the party. The music played and smoke bubbled from a cauldron in the corner.

“Feels like home,” Tina said. “My mom always has bog stew boiling.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 260
Word Count 436
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