Frank’s Big Day

Every day was a good day for Frank. But today was going to be a great day.

Today the town celebrated the Hot Dog!

Frank was a hot dog after all. So, of course, Hot Dog Day must be a day all about Frank!


“Everyone will be waiting for me,” Frank said.

Frank brushed his fur and slicked back his whiskers. He stepped out of his doghouse.


Frank waited for the applause. Instead, it was quiet.

“Everyone must be in town getting my party ready,” Frank said. “I should have known they would want to surprise me.”


So with a wag of his tail, Frank trotted to town.

“I bet there will be balloons!” Frank beamed.

What dog didn’t like balls that float in the air?


“I bet there will be cake!” Frank bounced as he walked!

Frank never met a food he didn’t like.


“I bet there will be gifts!” Frank jumped. “Squeaky toys! Chew Bones! Frisbees!”

Frank was beside himself with joy.

“Bright bouncy balloons! Cake! Gifts!” Frank squealed. He walked faster.


Frank rounded the corner, and there it was. The town was decorated from top to bottom. People had balloons. Laughter filled the air. How exciting!

“Wow!” said Frank. “All of this is for me! Frank the Hot Dog!”


Frank stood before the crowd, and threw out his arms.

“I’m here! The hot dog is here!” he shouted.

Everyone paused. They looked at Frank and smiled. Then they went back to the party.


Frank was confused. How could this be? Even the sign above his head read: Happy Hot Dog Day! FREE Hot Dogs!

“Free hot dogs?” Frank said slowly. “That’s strange.”

Frank began to wonder.


“Hey Frank!” said Mr. Jones. “Here you go fella. Have a hot dog. Happy Hot Dog Day.”

The man gave Frank a hot dog drizzled with ketchup and mustard.


“A hot dog?” Frank said. Frank sniffed the hot dog. He took a big bite. It tasted great.

Frank looked around.


Suddenly it hit him! People weren’t celebrating Frank the Hot Dog.

They were celebrating hot dogs!

And what a wonderful thing to celebrate!


“Happy Hot Dog Day!” said Frank.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 340
Word Count 358

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