Harry the Hat Gets Lost

Harry the Hat was excited. It was Saturday, his favorite day of the week. The day he got to sit on top of Mr. Jones’ head.


Mr. Jones’ head was always snug and comfortable. Mr. Jones also towered above the other people and their hats. Harry had a great view!

Best of all, Harry knew that he had an important job— to protect Mr. Jones from the sun and the rain.


“Time to go to the market, Harry!” said Mr. Jones. He pulled Harry off the hat rack and flipped him onto his head.

Harry was suddenly out the door and on his way to the market.


Harry could see the entire market from his perch on top of Mr. Jones’ head.

The bright sun shined down on giant stacks of colorful fruits and vegetables.


Mr. Jones began to fill his bag with food. Harry the Hat spotted his good friend, Charlie the Cap. Charlie was sitting on Mrs. Smith’s head.

“Hi, Harry the Hat!” said Charlie.

“Cheerio, Charlie the Cap!” said Harry.


Just then, a huge gust of wind blew Harry off of Mr. Jones’ head. As he flew away, Harry could see Mr. Jones’ bald spot shining in the sun.


Harry landed on the hard ground with a soft thump. Shoes were stomping all around him. He could barely see the sky.

“This is no place for a hat,” thought Harry.


A dog sniffed at Harry. He nudged Harry with its wet nose and tried to flip him over.

“Sorry, dog,” said Harry. “Hats are for people.”


A boy picked up Harry and tried him on. Harry slid over the boy’s ears and almost down to his neck.

The boy ran off through the market. He wanted to show his mother the hat. Harry bounced loosely on the boy’s head.


As the boy ran, Harry spotted Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was using a folded newspaper to protect his bald spot from the sun.

The boy saw that Mr. Jones needed a hat. He took Harry off of his head and handed him to Mr. Jones.

“Thank you so much,” said Mr. Jones.


Mr. Jones fit Harry snugly back onto his head. Just then, Harry felt the first drops of afternoon rain falling from the sky.

Harry was glad to be back where he belonged.


Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith walked through the market, protected from the rain by Harry the Hat and Charlie the Cap.

“Every head needs a hat!” chuckled Charlie.

“And every hat needs a head!” replied Harry.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 620
Word Count 422

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