Matteo and Pacifico

Don Tomas was a brave knight. He rode a powerful horse. He spent his days rescuing maidens, battling dragons, and fighting evil armies.

Don Tomas’s son, Matteo, loved listening to his dad’s stories. He wanted to grow up and be just like his dad.

One night, Don Tomas came home and told Matteo how he had captured a wizard.

“Wow,” said Matteo. “I wish I could be strong and brave like you, dad.”

“You know, Matteo,” his father said, “it is time for you to start knight school.”

“But I’m afraid, Dad,” Matteo said.

“Afraid of what?” his father asked.

“I’m afraid I won’t be a good knight,” Matteo said. “What if I’m not strong enough? What if I’m not smart enough?”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 540
Word Count 461

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