Max and the Man in the Moon

There once was a boy named Max. He was smaller than other boys his age.

Some boys at school made fun of him. They called him things like “runt” and “small fry.”

Sometimes they even tripped and pushed him.


One student was nice to him. Her name was Sarah.

She would step in front of Max to protect him. The mean boys would not hit a girl.


But Max did not want to be protected by a girl. He wanted to be able to stand up for himself.

Every night, he lay in bed wishing he were bigger and stronger.


One night, there was a full moon. Max was asleep. He heard a voice.

“Wake up, Max,” the voice said.


“Who is there?” asked Max. He wondered where the voice was coming from.

“It is the Man in the Moon,” said the voice. “I give power and strength to children who need it.”


Max was excited. “Can you make me stronger?” he asked.

“Step into the moonlight that shines through your window,” said the Man in the Moon.


Max got out of bed and stood in the light. The moonlight was bright.

“Stand there for a short time,” the voice said. “When you wake up in the morning you will be bigger and stronger.”

Max stood there for a few minutes. He then went back to bed.


Max woke up in the morning. He thought the voice had been a dream.

But as he dressed for school, he felt different.


He looked in the mirror. He did not seem much bigger. Maybe just a little bigger, he thought.

But he did feel stronger. He smiled. He was not afraid of the bullies today.


At school, the bullies began walking toward Max. Sarah ran over to help him.

“Thanks for your help,” he said, “but I can take care of myself now.”


The bullies stopped in front of Max.

“I am not afraid of you anymore,” Max said. He stared at them.

The boys whispered to each other. They thought Max looked bigger and stronger. They turned and ran away.


For the first time in his life, Max was proud of himself. He looked at Sarah and smiled.

“Now we can play and not worry about the bullies!” he said.


Max didn’t know if the moonlight magic really worked. But he did know one thing. He believed in himself. And that made him feel bigger and stronger.

The bullies never picked on Max again.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 330
Word Count 413

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