Momotaro The Peach Boy

Many years ago, an old man was fishing for his dinner. All of a sudden, his line was pulled deep into the water.

The man thought he had caught a fish, a very big fish.

But it wasn’t a fish. It was the size of a pumpkin! But it wasn’t a pumpkin either.

“Why, it’s a peach!” the old man exclaimed. “It must be the biggest peach ever. My wife can make a fine pie with this.”

“What a treat,” the wife said when she saw the peach. Just before she cut into it, the peach split in two!

Inside sat a beautiful baby boy. The couple was overjoyed. They did not have a child of their own. They named him Momotaro, Peach Boy.

Every day, Momotaro ate his mother’s magic dumplings. He grew into a strong young boy. In fact, he was the strongest boy in the village.

He was also a very good boy. He helped his father fish and his mother cook. They were a very happy family.

One day, a terrible ogre came into their town.

The ogre destroyed homes, farms, and fishing boats. He stole all the treasures of the village. Then the ogre escaped back to his island, Onigashima.

“I must get back the people’s treasures,” Momotaro said to his parents. “I will go to Onigashima and fight him there.”

His parents were upset, but they knew Momotaro had to go. His father gave him an axe. His mother filled a sack with magic dumplings for his journey.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 772
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