Monster From the Deep

A shark came upon three little creatures:
a crab, squid, and fish.

He smiled with rows of teeth and said,
“Now here is what I wish.”


“You will get me lunch,
and you will clean my teeth.

You will watch for my friends
who hang out by the reef.”


“I know you do not like these tasks,
and would rather not obey.

But my teeth are sharp, and I am strong.
So, you’d best do what I say!”


The crab found lunch, the squid cleaned teeth,
and the fish watched for the shark’s friends.

And day after day, week after week,
the shark came back again.


One day the squid said to his friends,
“I'm sick of chores all day!

I have a plan that just may keep
this mean old shark away.”


When the shark came back to visit,
the three could not be found.

“If they're not here, I'll eat them for lunch!”
And he went to look around.


Then from the reef a shadow came
horrible and fierce.

It had eight long legs, big sharp fangs
and two claws made to pierce.


“I'm a monster from the deep,
with a message you must hear.”

And though the shark was mighty,
he shook and shook with fear.


“The creatures you have been bullying,
you must leave them alone!”

“I will, I promise!” cried the shark,
and then he swam for home.


From the reef came fish, crab, and squid.
Their sneaky trick was done.

Three little creatures make one scary monster,
when they all work as one!


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 650
Word Count 259

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