Patrick's Pride

Patrick is a lion cub. He loves his family. Each morning, Mom and Mama make breakfast.

Then Mom and Mama put on their polka dot jackets and walk Patrick to school.


One morning, Patrick was acting odd. He did not eat his breakfast.

“What’s wrong, Patrick?” asked Mama.

“Can I walk to school by myself today?” Patrick asked.


Mom and Mama were sad.

They wondered if Patrick was getting too old to be treated like a cub.


Patrick saw how sad his moms were.

“Don’t be sad,” Patrick said, “you can walk with me if you want.”


Patrick’s moms smiled. They put on their polka dot coats.

The family walked to Patrick’s school.


When they got there, Mom and Mama saw a big sign. It read, “Bring Your Parents to School Day.”

“Is that why you didn’t want us to walk you to school today?” Mama asked.

“Do we embarrass you?” asked Mom.


Other kids were in the playground with their moms and dads. Some of them stared at Patrick and his two moms.

Patrick sighed and looked down.


“Patrick,” said Mom, “every family is different. Some have one parent. Some have two. Some have a mom and a dad. Some have two moms or two dads.”

“We are lions. We are proud of who we are. That’s why they call us a pride,” said Mama.


“I know,” said Patrick. “I’m proud that I have two moms. It’s just…”

Patrick twiddled his thumbs. He was nervous.


Then Patrick said, “It’s your jackets. Everyone at school thinks we are cheetahs, and not lions!”


Mom and Mama laughed. Then they gave Patrick a big hug.

Mom and Mama took off their jackets and went with Patrick to his classroom.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 390
Word Count 287

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