Puss in Boots

Marcus of Carabas was a poor peasant who lived in a small hut by the river. Everyday he watched the boats go by. Rich nobles traveled on some of these boats.

“Oh how I would like to be a great noble,” Marcus wished. “I would own ships full of gold and jewels, and sail on the river whenever I wanted.”

One night, a fierce thunderstorm woke Marcus. He jumped out of bed to close the windows. He looked out at the river and spotted a boat being tossed by the waves. He heard a yowling cry.

Marcus grabbed a long rope and raced to the water’s edge.

Marcus tied one end of the rope around a tree. He then threw the other end as far as he could into the swirling waters.

“Grab on!” Marcus cried. “I’ll pull you to safety!”

When he pulled the rope back to shore, clinging to it was a sopping wet cat!

Marcus carried the battered cat to his hut and placed him on a blanket in front of the fire.

“Kind sir,” the cat said, “I am called Puss. If you had not rescued me, I would be at the bottom of the river. Fate has brought us together!”

Then, exhausted, the cat fell asleep.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 700
Word Count 690
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