Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

Deep in Sherwood Forest lived a hero named Robin Hood.

He and his band of Merry Men were known for their good deeds and for helping the poor.

Robin Hood was also the best archer in all of England.


The Sheriff of Nottingham did not like Robin Hood. “He is a thief!” the Sheriff shouted. “He must be arrested!”

“But he tricks us every time,” said a guard.

“Not this time,” said the Sheriff. “I have a plan.”


“We will hold an archery contest,” said the Sheriff. “Robin Hood will not be able to resist. We will arrest him when he comes. We will show the people how we deal with outlaws!”


The archery contest was arranged. The winner would get a golden arrow and the title of Master Archer of England.

Messengers were sent throughout the land to tell the people about the contest.

One day, a messenger arrived at Robin Hood’s camp in Sherwood Forest.


“This is a trap by the Sheriff to arrest you,” Little John said to Robin Hood.

“Ha!” laughed Robin Hood. “That oaf will never catch me! I will go to the contest, and I will win!”


The day of the contest arrived.

Archers from around the country came to win the golden arrow and the title of Master Archer.

Each archer took his place and prepared his bow and arrows.


“I do not see Robin Hood,” whispered a guard to the Sheriff.

“He will come,” replied the Sheriff.

Just as the contest was about to begin, one more archer hobbled slowly up to the line.


The man was wrapped in a shabby cloak that dragged on the ground. A wide brimmed hat covered his face.

The mysterious archer then turned and bowed to the Sheriff.


“Archers ready,” came the call from the Captain.

The archers placed arrows in their bows. They pulled back the strings.

“Fire!” yelled the Captain.


The arrows went whizzing through the air!

Some flew past the targets. Others hit the targets but not near the center. Two arrows had hit the center.

One belonged to the Sheriff’s man, Gilbert. The other belonged to the mystery archer.


The two finalists took their places. Gilbert had the first shot.

He drew back, took aim, and fired his arrow. Thwack! It hit the target, dead center.

“No one can beat that shot!” a boy cried. The crowd cheered.


The mystery archer tipped his hat to Gilbert. He then stepped up to the line.

The crowd was silent.

He took a deep breath. He placed his arrow in the bow. He drew back, slowly. He took aim and let the arrow fly.


The arrow split Gilbert’s right down the center!

The crowd cheered wildly for the mystery archer.

The Sheriff nudged his guard. “I think we have our man,” he said. “Guards! Arrest that archer. He is Robin Hood!”


The guards went running towards the archer.

The mystery archer threw off his hat and robe. The people clapped and yelled for their hero, Robin Hood.

Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men emerged from their hiding places. They fought with the Sheriff’s guards.


Robin leapt up to where the Sheriff was seated.

“This golden arrow belongs to me,” Robin Hood said. He snatched up the arrow and bowed to the Sheriff.

“Until we meet again,” Robin said to the Sheriff. Robin quickly jumped to the ground.


The Sheriff was furious. “Robin Hood!” he cried. “You can run back to your hiding place, but I will find you!”

The Sheriff of Nottingham watched as Robin Hood and his Merry Men rode into the woods, back to their home in Sherwood Forest.


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Lexile Score 540
Word Count 606

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