Sally Helps a Friend

Sally was falling asleep. Then she heard a noise from her night table. “Psssst.”

Sally opened one eye.

“Pssssssssst.” She heard it again. Sally opened the other eye.


Sally sat up and turned on the light. An itsy bitsy spider sat on the edge of her clock. It waved.

“Hello,” said the spider. “My name is Octo.”

“Hello, Octo,” said Sally. “Can I help you?”


“I lost my Mom,” the spider replied. “And I don’t know where to find her.”

“Poor Octo,” Sally said. “What happened?”

“We were spinning a web in the gutter outside your window,” Octo said. “But the rain came and washed my mom away.”


“What does your mom look like?” Sally said.

“Bigger than me. Blue. With eight legs,” Octo said.

“I’ll help you find her,” Sally said.


Sally walked to the window. She looked up at the roof and down at the ground.

“Hmmmm,” Sally said. “The rain from the roof washed her to the ground. So, I should look on the porch. It’s under the window!”


Sally walked downstairs. She got a flashlight from the kitchen drawer.

Then she went out the back door and onto the porch.


“Now, where could she be?” Sally said. She walked carefully. She didn’t want to step on Octo’s mom!

Sally searched the whole porch. There was no sign of the missing spider.


Sally walked down the stairs and stepped onto the grass. It was still wet from the rain. She moved the flashlight back and forth.

Suddenly, the flashlight lit up a white thread. One end of the thread went under the porch.


Sally crawled down under the porch. It was quite dusty.

“Achoo!” Sally sneezed.

“Oh, please don’t blow me away,” cried a tiny voice.


Sally saw the blue spider.

“Hello! Are you Octo’s mom?” Sally asked.

The spider nodded.

“Climb into my hand and I’ll take you to your son,” Sally said.


Sally went to her room. She scooped up Octo. “Look who I found,” said Sally.

“Mom!” Octo cried. “Oh, thank you, Sally! Thank you!”

Sally smiled and set both spiders on the windowsill. “Good night, you two!”


The next day, Sally looked out the window. A beautiful web sparkled in the sunlight.

“Hi, Sally,” Octo said next to her. “I made something for you!”

Sally looked down and saw a ring made of silky spider thread. She slipped it onto her finger. “Thank you, my friend!” Sally said.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 270
Word Count 405

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