Sasha and the Elves

Sasha’s father was a toymaker, but he was very poor.

Sasha helped her father in the toyshop. Each night she laid out her father’s tools for work the next morning.


One night, Sasha looked around her father’s workbench. All he had left was enough wood to build one small toy train.

She put the tools on the bench and then went to bed.


Sasha looked outside her window. She saw the North Star shining in the sky.

“If father cannot sell this toy train,” she sighed, “I don’t know what we will do. I wish I could help him some how.”

Sasha then fell asleep.


The next morning, Sasha went into the workshop. What she saw was amazing!

On the table stood a brand new toy train. Everything about it was perfect.


The door to the workshop opened. A man walked in.

“I am looking for a birthday gift for my son,” said the man. “That toy train is just the thing!”

The man paid a higher price than normal and left the store happy.


Sasha used the money to buy supplies for her father. There was enough left over to buy Sasha’s new school books.

That night Sasha laid out the tools for her father. In the morning he was going to make a set of dolls. She went to bed as she had the night before.


The next morning, Sasha and her father found three beautiful dolls. They had been magically stitched together over night.

An old woman walked in soon after and bought all three for her granddaughters. She too paid more money than usual.


This went on for several nights. Sasha would lay out her father’s tools, and then go to sleep.

When they woke the next morning, they would find perfectly built toy soldiers, teddy bears, or dancing ballerinas. They sold all of the toys and had more money than ever.


Sasha wanted to find out who was helping her and her father.

That night she laid out the tools. But instead of going to bed she hid behind a curtain.

She waited for several hours in the dark. Then, without warning, two small elves appeared.


They were no taller than Sasha’s knee, with big ears and pointy noses. Their clothes were in tatters.

Sasha watched the elves work all night long. They built a perfect toy soldier. When the sun began to rise, the two elves dashed away.


“I must repay them for all their help!” Sasha said.

That night, Sasha stitched together small clothes of the finest material. She left them on the table.

Then she hid behind the curtain and waited for the little elves.


A few hours later the elves appeared. They saw the clothes waiting for them on the table. They put on the brand new clothing and began to laugh.

The two very happy elves vanished with a bright flash of light.


The little elves had helped Sasha and her father grow their small shop.

Sasha’s father built many more wonderful toys. Everyone in town loved them.


Sasha never saw the elves again.

But each night, next to her father’s tools, Sasha would leave brand new elf-sized clothes, only to find them missing the next morning.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 570
Word Count 537

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