Snow White

Once upon a time there lived a princess named Snow White. She had snowy white skin, rosy cheeks, and dark black hair. She was very beautiful.

Snow White was always polite and never said an unkind word about anyone.


Snow White’s stepmother was the queen. The queen was very pretty. Every night, the queen asked her magic mirror, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?”

The mirror always said, “All throughout the land they say, you are the fairest of the day.”


The queen was happy until, one day, the magic mirror gave her an answer she didn’t like.

“For a very long time, the fairest was you,” said the mirror. “But now, Snow White is the fairest, it’s true!”

The queen was angry. She decided she must get rid of Snow White.


The queen told a servant to take Snow White into the forest and leave her there.

Snow White was alone and scared. She ran through the woods. Night came and wolves howled nearby. Finally, she saw a small house.


Inside the house, Snow White found seven little chairs around a small table. In another room were seven little beds.

Snow White was so tired. She lay down on a soft bed and fell asleep.


The next morning, Snow White woke up to find seven dwarves standing over her. “Who are you?” they asked. “And, why are you in our house?”

She told the dwarves her tale. They felt sorry for her and asked if she would like to stay.


Snow White said, “Thank you so much! I would love to stay.”

All of the dwarves smiled. One said, “We’ll protect you and give you everything you need.”

Snow White and the dwarves lived happily in their little home.


The queen was happy that Snow White was gone. She said, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, now who’s the fairest of us all?”

“The fairest one is Snow White, who found the dwarves’ home last night,” the mirror said.

Now the queen was really mad.


The queen cast an evil spell on an apple. Then she dressed up as an old woman and went into the forest.

When she found the dwarves’ home, the queen knocked on the door. Snow White came out and smiled at the old woman.


“Would you like to eat this sweet apple?” the old woman said to Snow White.

“Oh, yes, I would!” Snow White said.

Snow White bit into the apple. Right away, she fell to the floor! The queen laughed. Her spell had worked!


When the seven dwarves got home, they found Snow White on the floor. They tried to wake her up but could not.

Snow White was so beautiful they put her in a glass coffin. They placed her in the forest next to their home.


Many years passed. One day, a prince rode by. He instantly fell in love with the girl behind the glass.

The prince opened the top. He leaned over and kissed Snow White.


Suddenly, Snow White woke up! The evil spell was broken.

The prince asked Snow White to marry him, and she happily said yes. The dwarves cheered.


When the queen heard about the prince’s wedding, she decided to attend. She was curious to meet the new princess.

The queen was shocked to see Snow White.

The seven angry dwarves chased the queen far away. She never returned.


Snow White and the prince were married.

They lived happily ever after.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 530
Word Count 581

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