Space Captain Diana

“Bzzzzzzzzzz,” the alarm sounded. Diana opened her eyes, stretched, and floated out of her sleeping pod.

She was excited. It was her first day as a spaceship captain. After getting dressed, she planned to speak to each member of her new crew.


Diana’s first stop was the ship's control room. Inside, Maurice was steering the ship through the stars.

Suddenly, a warning bell sounded. Diana could see an asteroid zooming out of the blackness toward their ship. Maurice tapped a button. A laser beam fired at the space rock. BOOM! It exploded into pieces.


“Good morning, Captain!” Maurice said cheerfully. “There are lots of asteroids around this planet. We need to watch them carefully. Can you take my place this afternoon while I call my family?”

“No problem,” said Diana. “I’ll be back later.”


Next, Diana went to the lab.

“Check this out, Captain,” said Shuyi, pointing to a crack in a bumpy egg. “Later today we’re going back to the planet where I found this egg. Can you watch the egg while I’m gone, in case it hatches?”

“Sure, I can.” replied Diana.


In the engine room, a robot with a soapy brush chased Paul. Diana turned it off.

“This engine-cleaning robot is broken,” Paul said, breathing hard. “Can you help me clean the engines by hand later today?”

“You can count on me!” Diana said.


Diana sat down to eat lunch. “Oh no,” she thought. “I’ve made too many promises!”

How could she monitor asteroids from the control room, watch an egg in the lab, and clean the engines—all at the same time?

Diana called an emergency meeting.


She explained the problem to the crew.

“I want to help each one of you this afternoon,” she said. “But I made too many promises. I can’t keep all of them.”


Paul offered a solution. “The robot can watch for asteroids while Maurice calls his family,” he said. “The robot’s programmed for cleaning and asteroid duty.”

Maurice had an idea too. “I can call my family in the lab. At the same time I can keep an eye on the egg, in case it hatches.”


Diana turned to Paul. “It looks like I’ll be free to help you clean the engines after all,” she said.

“Why clean the engines by hand?” Shuyi said with a grin. “I have some space slugs that feed on engine grime. They can do the job for you!”


The next day, Captain Diana brought the crew together to talk about teamwork.

Diana had learned something important about being a good leader. “You can’t always do everything yourself,” she said. “Sometimes we all have to work together.”


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 500
Word Count 442

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