The Ball Hog

The Bobcats are the best basketball team in the league. They have never lost a game.

Stevie is the team’s sharp shooter. He shoots layups, jump shots, and three-pointers!

He dribbles circles around every player!

Today, the Bobcats are playing the Jets. The Bobcats are winning. Stevie has the ball.

He gets around the last Jet. He leaps into the air. The ball rolls off his finger tip. He nails the layup.

The buzzer sounds. The Bobcats win, again!

“We win! We win! I am the best!” Stevie yells. He points to each player on the Jets. “Loser! Loser! SUPER loser!”

Stevie doesn't shake hands with the Jets. He just laughs in their faces.

In the next game, the Bobcats are playing the Tigers. Stevie has the ball.

Stevie dribbles towards the basket. He spins around one Tiger. He bumps right into another Tiger!

Stevie is double-teamed. He doesn’t have a clear shot!

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 330
Word Count 535

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