The Boogie Man

Late at night when you are fast asleep
When nighttime creatures crawl and creep
When all is quiet and put away
The Boogie Man comes out to play.


From out of the shadows under the stair
And behind the curtain that sways in the air
Out from the closet and from under the bed
His steps creep close and fill you with dread.


He has a bounce in his step, a kink in his smile
His disco-ball eyes can be seen all the while
He stands in the corner, his fingers snapping
With greenish yellow toes, he begins tapping.


The dust bunnies in his hair start to hop
And the worms in his teeth wiggle and flop
The shadows that filled the once silent room
Pick up their instruments and follow the tune.


The music makes you shiver and shake
And now you can’t help but stay awake
The Boogie Man whispers, “Give us a chance”
And you find you want to shimmy and dance.


Suddenly you’re pulled up out of your sheets
And you start to tap your feet
The music starts to groove and jive
The creatures of the night have come alive.


The Boogie Man starts to bee-bop and swing
His voice pierces the air when he starts to sing
The ghosts and shadows, worms and warlocks
Shake and rattle to the rhythm of the clock.


So the next time you’re alone in your room
When the chill in the night is as cold as a tomb
The Boogie Man is not cause for a fright
He wants to boogie throughout the night!


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score NP
Word Count 266

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