The Great Battle of the Kiddie Pool

Captain Lee stood on the deck of his giant battleship. Hundreds of ships under his command floated nearby.

Across the bay, thousands of enemy ships faced Lee’s fleet. The enemy guns flashed red as they began to fire.

Enemy shells splashed in the ocean all around Lee’s ships.

One shell hit an aircraft carrier that floated near Lee’s battleship. The ship caught fire but no one was hurt.

“Prepare to strike back!” Captain Lee yelled. His ship began to fire at the enemy. In the distance, the water exploded all around the enemy ships.

“Launch the planes!” Lee cried. On a nearby aircraft carrier, jets zoomed into the air.

Without warning, a pterodactyl appeared in the sky. It gripped one of Captain Lee’s jets in its giant claws. Then it dropped the plane into the sea.

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 520
Word Count 485

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