The Long-Haired Monster

One night, a monster came out from under Eddie’s bed. It was big. It was blue. And it loved to play tricks on children.

“Are you going to eat me?” Eddie asked.

“You never know!” the monster said with a big smile.


The monster pulled several long, blue hairs from his eyebrows and braided them together.

The braid began to glow.

The monster brushed Eddie’s face with the hair. The boy quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, Eddie’s mom scolded him for eating the cookies she had just baked.

Eddie said he hadn’t eaten any of the cookies. His mom didn’t believe him.

He spotted a long blue hair near the empty cookie tray. Now Eddie knew who had done it.


Eddie soon began getting into lots of trouble.

He was grounded for tracking mud into the house.


He was scolded for not taking out the trash.


He was punished when his sister woke up with her face painted like a clown.


But Eddie didn’t do any of those things.


One morning, Eddie found a long blue hair on the carpet. He found many more. Eddie had an idea!

He carefully braided the hairs—just as the monster had done. Eddie smiled when the strands began to glow.


That night, the long-haired monster slid out from under the bed. Eddie was ready. He quickly threw the braided hair at the monster’s face.

The monster shrieked.


And then there was silence.

Eddie peered over the side of the bed. The monster was curled into a ball sound asleep. He was sucking his thumb.

Eddie was about to tell his mom about the monster and all the trouble it had caused.


Suddenly, Eddie’s bed began to rise high into the air. A new monster stepped into the room. This one was much bigger than the blue monster sleeping on the floor.

This one had pink hair.


The big pink monster leaned over the little blue monster and gently shook him.

The blue monster’s eyes popped open.

“Emmanuel Peter!” the monster said. “I’ve been worried sick! How many times have I told you not to sneak off to scare humans?”


She grabbed his ear and pulled him to his feet. “I taught you to behave better than this. Apologize to the poor boy right now.”

“Sorry, human,” Emmanuel said.

Both monsters then slipped under the bed and disappeared.


Eddie never saw the monsters again.

From then on, Eddie only got into trouble for things he had actually done.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 460
Word Count 416

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