The Magic Mirror

King Harold was lonely. He wanted a beautiful wife to love.

“A woman can be beautiful,” his friend said, “but she must have inner beauty, too. She must have a kind heart.”


He gave King Harold a mirror.

“This is a Magic Mirror,” he said. “It will show inner beauty. It will help you find a wife that is kind and good.”


King Harold threw a party.

Many princesses came. They all wanted to marry the king.


They were all very beautiful but King Harold needed to know if they were also beautiful on the inside.

King Harold asked each princess to look into the Magic Mirror.


One by one the princesses looked into the mirror.

Their beautiful faces turned ugly in the reflection, for on the inside they were not beautiful.


Later that night the castle was empty. King Harold sat alone in his throne room.

“I will never be married,” he sighed. He was very unhappy.


Then, King Harold saw a maid. She was cleaning the castle.

She began to dust the Magic Mirror. As she did the king could see her reflection. It was beautiful!


King Harold walked over to the girl. He knelt before her.

“Out of all the princesses in the kingdom my Magic Mirror has shown me that you are the most beautiful,” he said. “Will you be my queen?”


King Harold and the maid fell in love. They were married and lived a happy, and beautiful, life together.

King Harold learned that true beauty comes from the inside.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 430
Word Count 256

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