The Monster Club

Sally was nervous. Today was her first day at a new school. She had just moved to the small town of Copper Pine with her parents. It was far away from all of Sally’s friends.

“I’m feeling sick today,” Sally told her mom at breakfast. She did not want to go to school.

She was afraid that no one would like her.


“You look fine to me,” her mom said. “You better hurry up. You do not want to miss the bus on the first day of school!”

Sally sighed. She picked up her backpack and put on her lucky red watch. She groaned as she walked out the door.


The day passed in a blur. She was too nervous to make new friends. And many kids ignored her anyway.

After school, Sally walked along the swamp toward her house. The path grew dark under the tangled shadows of tall trees.


Sally soon realized that she was lost. The trees all looked the same. There were no signs to point a way out of the swamp.

Sally was scared. She began to run and tripped over a log. She landed near a trail of slimy green footprints.

“What is that?” she thought.


She followed the footprints to the edge of the swamp. The bank was thick with reeds and high grass. The trail of slime floated out to the middle of the swamp.

There, strange bubbles floated on the top of the water.


Suddenly, a creature burst out of the water and landed on the shore. The monster was dripping big globs of slime from its head and shoulders.

Its face was shaped like a snapping turtle. His small eyes were red, and angry. Sally shrieked.


At that moment, a tall boy with freckles jumped out of the forest. He held a big red flashlight. Next to him was a smaller boy wearing bulky headphones.

Both boys shouted, trying to draw the creature away from Sally.


The creature turned towards the boys.

The tall freckled boy tried to blind the monster. He aimed the flashlight at its eyes. The monster swiped at him with a powerful arm. The boy was knocked into the swamp.


The monster turned to face the other boy. The boy walked up and bowed to the creature. His bulky headphones bobbed up and down on his head.

The monster looked at him curiously for a moment. It then roared loudly. The sound was so powerful it knocked the boy over.


“Make it bow, make it bow!” the tall freckled boy shouted from the swamp. He threw the flashlight to Sally.

Sally was shaking with fear, but she had an idea. She aimed the flashlight at her lucky red watch. The light reflected off the watch and struck the monster’s eyes.


The surprised monster fell forward, tripping over the smaller boy.

Sally couldn’t believe her eyes! Water spilled out from the monster’s head. The monster cried out as it dove back into the water. It swam away, leaving a thin trail of dark green slime behind it.


The tall boy crawled out of the swamp. He was soaked.

“Hey, thanks for helping us,” he said. “Kappas are pretty dangerous. By the way, I’m Tom. This is Kenji.”

Sally shook his hand. “I’m Sally,” she said. “What is a kappa?”


“A Japanese monster,” Kenji said. “They can be defeated if you spill the water out of their heads. Copper Pine is full of them.”

“We’re part of a club that fights them. Our club is called the MC. That’s short for Monster Club.”


Sally looked at Tom and then at Kenji.

“I’m new in town and don’t know anyone,” she said. “But I can help you get rid of these gross creatures.”


The two boys glanced at each other.

“We’ve never had a girl in the club,” Kenji said. “What do you think, Tom?”

“Well, her move with the flashlight and her watch was pretty good,” Tom said.


The boys were quiet for a moment. Then Tom said, “I say we give her a try. You’re in!”

Sally was happy! She had just made her first friends.


“The kappas aren’t the only monsters in Copper Pine,” Kenji said. “There are lots of other kinds, too. It’s pretty weird here sometimes.”

Sally gulped hard. “Maybe joining this club was a big mistake,” she thought to herself. “But it will be a great adventure!”



FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 470
Word Count 734

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