The Nutcracker Prince Part 2

Clara and the Nutcracker Prince rode their sleigh, bending around the trees of a snowy forest.

The snowflakes twirled and swirled. Each crystal flake spun into a tiny dancer.

Deeper into the glittering forest they went. Then they drifted down beside a moonlit river.

“Where are we going?” Clara asked.

The Prince pointed across the water. “We are going to the Land of Sweets,” he said.

They climbed into a nutshell boat pulled by blue dolphins.

As they drew closer to the shore, the air around them smelled of cakes and spun sugar and chocolate treats.

The Land of Sweets was more beautiful than Clara could have ever dreamed.

Ladyfinger mountains stood tall, topped with whipped cream snow. Candy flowers in every color covered the hillsides. In the valley, swirls of butter-cream frosting reflected the soft moonlight.

Their boat stopped at a dock made from red-and-white peppermint. From out of thin air, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy appeared.

The Prince told the fairy how Clara had saved him.

“I know,” the Fairy said as she led them to the Candy Castle. “And now, a party awaits.”

FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 710
Word Count 594

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