The Sage's Daughter

In a faraway land there lived a wise Sage and his wife. She was often sad because they had no children.

One day, the Sage prayed to God for a child. A tiny mouse dropped from the sky.

“Hello, small friend,” said the Sage with a smile. “Are you the answer to my prayer?”


The Sage feared his wife wouldn’t want a mouse. So he used his mystical powers to turn the mouse into a small girl.

His wife happily welcomed the child. They raised her as their own daughter.


The girl grew into a beautiful young woman. The Sage and his wife decided it was time for her to marry. They wanted to choose the perfect husband for her.


“What about the Sun God?” asked the Sage. “He will always keep you warm.”

“Oh, no!” the girl protested. “The Sun God is too harsh and fierce. There will be nothing but ashes left of me!”

The Sage and his wife were disappointed, but they wanted to please their daughter.


“Perhaps the Lord of the Clouds,” they said. “He’ll shield you from the Sun.”

“But he can be so dark and gloomy,” said the girl. “And his thundering voice frightens me. Isn’t there someone else?”

The Sage thought for a moment.


“I have it!” the Sage said. “The Wind God can blow away the clouds with a single puff. I’ll pray and ask him to marry you.”

“Oh, Father,” cried the girl. “The Wind is so restless. He never stays in one place for very long. I’m afraid he won’t be a good husband at all!”


“The Lord of the Mountain never moves,” suggested the mother. “He’s solid and firm. Would you take him as your groom?”

“But he’s so hardhearted and unfeeling,” sighed the girl. “Is it too much to wish for someone who is gentle and loving?”


The Sage and his wife looked at each other with concern. They had offered four mighty and powerful mates to their beloved daughter.

She had rejected each one. What were they to do?


The Sage prayed for direction. Just like before, the answer came from above.

“God has shown me the perfect husband for you, dear daughter,” he smiled. “One who is neither fierce nor gloomy. This mate will be loyal, gentle, and loving.”


The Sage held out his hand and showed his family a small field mouse.

“Will you accept this mouse as your groom, my daughter?” the Sage said.

“Oh, yes, Father!” the young woman said with delight. “See how sweet and kind he is? We are truly kindred spirits.”


“Yes, my darling,” the Sage agreed. “I see now that this was always God’s plan for your life.”

With his wife’s blessing, the Sage turned their daughter back into a mouse. The daughter married the mouse, and they lived together happily for the rest of their days.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 490
Word Count 479

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