The Wind and the Moon

Nola the lion cub and Scout the tiger cub were best friends.

One evening, Nola and Scout had finished playing for the day.

They sat under a tree, getting ready for bed.


Nola stared into the sky.

“Good thing there’s a full moon tonight,” she said. “That means it will be cool.”


Scout stared at Nola.

“Don’t be silly,” said Scout. “Everybody knows it will be hot when there is a full moon.”


Nola and Scout were best friends, but they didn’t always agree.

They began to argue about the full moon.

They argued louder and louder.


Finally, they decided to ask the wise owl.
She would know who was right.

The cubs called up into the branches of the banyan tree.

“Oh, wise owl,” they said. “You are very smart. Please tell us who is right.”


The owl flew down from her perch. She landed on a low branch near the cubs.

“It can be hot or cool during the full moon,” said the owl. “The wind makes the night cool, not the size of the moon.”


Both cubs stared at the owl. They did not understand.

“That means you are both right and both wrong,” said the owl.


She gave the cubs a stern look.

“It is not wise to argue over such silly things,” said the owl. “What good is being right if you lose your friendship over it?”


Nola and Scout looked at each other. They smiled big smiles.

The two friends talked about how much fun they would have the next day. Then they put on their pajamas and went to sleep.


FAZ Reading Level Detail

Lexile Score 480
Word Count 267

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